The Amazing, “SUPER” Formal, Benefit and Adventure SPECTACULAR!

Come and help us Save The World!
Join Dr. Adventure & Friends to raise money for the New Flesh Workshop
to turn Science into Science FICTION!
Proceeds will go towards developing cheap and durable prosthetic
components. These components will be fabricated using recycled and
readily available materials and manufacturing techniques which are
viable in Third World countries, war-torn regions, disaster areas and
remote locations.

Adventure Radio and Manifold Present:

The Amazing, Awe inspiring, fever reducing, libido enhancing, booty
shaking, earth shattering, prosthetic making, rapture inducing, mind
expanding, muscle toning, teeth whitening, greatness producing,
anti-microbial, probiotic, ail-curing, Superpower generating, DNA
augmenting, breast enlarging, space-time distorting, World Saving,
“SUPER” Formal Benefit and Adventure SPECTACULAR!

– The New Flesh Fashion Show, PARTY ARMOR Auction and raffle
– Hyper-Sapien Go-Go Boys & Cocktail Waitresses,
– An orgasmic presentation by the Prince of the Future on prosthetics
and how to use garbage and nature to heal the lame
– And much, much MORE!

Black Tie and Tights, Tuxes, Capes, Gowns and Masks.
(Think Aquaman goes to the prom with Wonder Woman but NOT as their alter egos.)

Feliz Cumbe
Cobra Krames

Vox Illuminati
Sistine Criminals

Advance $20 tickets can be bought via PayPal at the following link,
until 4PM on February 6th.

Donations of $30 will be taken at the door the night of the event.

If buying tickets for more than one person, please list names of all
attendees and for the list at the door.
ALL proceeds go to the New Flesh Workshop.

Payment info can be found at…

Facebook Page :

“The Amazing ‘SUPER’ Formal, Benefit and Adventure Spectacular” is a
fundraiser to assist The New Flesh Workshop in developing inexpensive
and reliable prosthetic components and devices out of recycled and
indigenous materials using simple and effective fabrication
techniques. Unfortunately, there are many areas around the world where
prosthetic and orthotic devices are desperately needed but the supply
falls far short of the demand. Many charities that support prosthetic
relief worldwide, are largely limited by donations of old prosthetic
components and by the limitations of local industry. By manufacturing
components made out of readily-available materials and techniques, the
issue of supply and accessibility can be addressed. These technologies
can aid people all around the world: earthquake survivors in Haiti,
landmine victims in Cambodia, and those living in Third World,
war-torn, impoverished or remote regions. Anywhere conventional
fabrication techniques and materials are unavailable or too expensive.
Funds raised at this event will go towards research and implementation
of these new materials and techniques. In appreciation for the
generosity or all who partake, we’ve assembled a night full of thrills
and entertainment. Each performer, artist, musician and DJ knows how
to bring out the very best in themselves, their art and their

The New Flesh Workshop – Turning Science into Science-Fiction! The NFW
develops Custom Prosthetic and Orthotic Devices, Wearable Gadgetry and

A collective whose mission is to stimulate a grassroots community
which supports non-complacence and creativity in an array of different
projects, events, venues and media.

Adventure Radio – Broadcasting Your Thoughts into Your Head.


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