The New Flesh Workshop designs and develops Functionally and Aesthetically Customized Prosthetics and Orthotics, Biomedical Implant Devices, Wearable Gadgetry, and Party Armor.


The New Flesh Workshop is dedicated to the development of technology which allows individuals to expand their options for interacting with the world. By creating devices and gear that are functional – as well as beautiful – we allow people to remain both independent and stunning as the world is engulfed by the fires of Armageddon, with the skills needed to provide for themselves, their loved ones, and the world. All too often the utilization of technology as an extension of human form is bent to the intent of making life easier for the individual, rather than making the individual more self-sufficient. He or she is not more able to interact freely in a technological or ecological environment, but is instead shielded from it. If a tool is to truly serve as an extension of human form then not only must it provide a fundamental function, but also be an expression of the individual utilizing it. To that end The New Flesh Workshop has been created to make real the things many are programmed to think are impossible and in doing so provide a means for the expression of humanity through technological form.



  1. Hi. I met you guys at the Make faire in providence. I want to start accumulating body armour for the “zombie apocalypse” .. seriously. so keep in touch. thanks.

    • Hey Cam. I just found your comment buried in pages of spam. Check out the new pieces we’ve been making. . . we’d love the feedback.

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