*To place a purchase with The New Flesh Workshop, send an e-mail to:thenewfleshworkshop@yahoo.com. Email should include name, contact information, sizing information, desired stylings, and any other relevant information or questions.

Party Armor

Claw Rings:

  • Plastic

mini- $10


large- 20

  • Laminated

mini- $20

large- $25

Claw Hands:

(by # of claws)

1- $35

2- 40

3- 45

4- 50

Gauntlets (each):

  • Plastic-

8th inch- $30

1/4 inch- $45 (puncture resistant)

  • Fiber Glass– $55
  • Carbon Fiber– $65
  • Custom Composite– $70+

Custom pieces are priced on an individual basis which includes casting fee, design fee, labor and materials.

Wearable Gadgets/ Tech Armor

Desired components for wearable gadgetry may be purchased separately and sent to newflesh after design consultations. Priced on an individual basis.

  • Cell phone (composite)- $20
  • Laptop- 50+

Speaker Plugs:

¾ in to 1in- $60

1in to 2in- 80-100

Custom Prosthetics and Orthotics

All products are priced on an individual basis


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