Prosthetic Super Arm

Prosthetic Arm










The New Flesh Workshop is currently in research and development for inexpensive and reliable prosthetic components and devices. Intended for distribution in the developing world, our products utilize recycled, indigenous, and other local materials crafted with simple yet effective fabrication techniques.

Unfortunately, there are many areas where prosthetic and orthotic devices are desperately needed but the supply falls far short of the demand. Many charities that support prosthetic relief worldwide are largely dependent upon donations of used prosthetic components and limited by a lack of local industry. By manufacturing components using readily-available materials and teachable techniques, production can be come a local industry, and the issue of supply and accessibility can begin to be addressed.

These technologies can aid people all around the world: earthquake survivors in Haiti, land mine victims in Cambodia, and those living in any war-torn, impoverished or remote regions. If you’d like to be a part of this exciting endeavor, let us know.






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